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Leading Company in Transportation Services , Fleet Vehicles Supply and Fleet Consulting Services.
We Seek To Gain Our Clients Trust Through Our Premium Services To Leading Your Business To Success.
Started Since 2007 With Owning Of Over 1000 Vehicles Around Egypt And Leading In Consulting Services.
Also Pioneers in Field Of Fleet Management Service And Fleet Securing with Modern Methods.


  • Know the exact location of your vehicle with real time violation notifications & alerts eliminating the possibility of hijacking, fuel abuse and car theft.
  • Stop your vehicle using the cut off engine feature by a click of a button in case of car theft.

Support and Warranty

  • We Support You 24/7/365 With Professional Support Team To Guarantee Progress And Process For You Business.
  • Warranty Of Services That we Supply With Legal Documents Between Us And Our Clients To Insure VIP Services For You.

Ease of Use & Full Control

  • Secure access to your vehicle and fleet info through encrypted login whether through your laptop or phone.
  • Accessible through Our Premium Support Team To be Processed Faster To Solve any Issue You Face.

Vehicle Report Tracking

  • Learn about your vehicles’ activities and drivers’ behavior through more than 90 reports including past records within the date intervals defined by you.
  • Keep records of vehicle activity (accumulated violations, average speed, fuel consumption rate, engine rpm, routes taken etc.).

Start With Our Premium Services Now As Fleet Vehicles Supply To Guarantee Best Progress To Your Business.

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We Keep Up For Our Clients Comfort

Security Cameras Inside Vehicles

Full Tracking For Vehicles

Easy Control System Using Your Phone

Full Support And Security With Guaranteed Methods

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24/7/362 Awesome Support To Guarantee Best Quality. Get More About Our Services Now.